Medical Billing Services

Let us find the "lost" money in your practice
The unique and proven PSMBC billing system combines the highest level of technology with our unmatched knowledge of medical billing to decrease the turn-around time of your claims and maximize reimbursements. Our full service approach to billing was born of an understanding that most billing staff find it near impossible to keep up with the workload and the constant changes in healthcare. PSMBC offers you an expert billing team that is reliable, fast and accurate. Our focus is on follow-up and retrieval of payments that might otherwise go unpaid, resulting in a service to you whose financial benefits far outweigh the cost. We can take over your billing duties in a matter of weeks! Contact us to get started!

Key billing services:
· monitoring and analysis of all reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and all managed care contract sources
· reimbursement/accounts receivable management
· customized collection process based on the individual practice
· unpaid/denied claims follow up
· precise month-end report preparation
· up-to-date information on CPT and ICD9 codes
· preparation and submission of patient statements
· continuous communication with client's staff  

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